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Sometimes problems don't require a solution to solve them; Instead they require the maturity to outgrow them.

-Steve Maraboli



Advisory & Coaching

Agile Advisory Services and Coaching help organizations assess agile readiness, plan and staff for agile transformations, rigorously track "Agile Maturity," and launch pilot projects.

Agile coaches provide day-to-day guidance to managers and teams and ensure that agile practices take hold within teams and across the enterprise. Our coaches bring extensive experience to help teams avoid pitfalls and operate more effectively. They also help organizations evaluate tools, implement advanced techniques such as one-piece flow and continuous integration/deployment, scale to larger projects, and track progress towards "Agile Maturity."

Enterprise Agility

Agile (or Agility) is more of a mindset—a different way of thinking. Transitioning from 'doing Agile' to "being Agile" requires more than just adopting a set of practices; it requires an organization to live and breathe agile values, using those values to guide decisions at all levels. In other words, it is a transformation of the culture.

When helping organizations make this transformation, Septure takes a holistic approach. Applying an agile approach to adoption, we work directly with cross-functional business and technology teams to establish a baseline, determine transformation goals, and prioritize program activities. By engaging with all stakeholders - from leadership to delivery teams - we help clients identify and achieve their short-term goals while laying down a foundation that will support future improvements and innovations.


We offer Agile training services, courses and workshops to management staff including developer teams, product managers and business analysts.


Enterprises often need extra human resources to keep critical projects on track while simultaneously investing in strategic process improvements. As a company with core competencies and abundant resources in both technology staffing and Agile, Septure is uniquely positioned to staff your short and long-term needs with in-depth agile experience.

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