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We are driven by helping organizations and teams be the best they can be. We do this through introducing and living agile (i.e. people focused practices and fostering a value driven culture).


Become the #1 organizational change experts through mindfulness and work-life harmony.


Inspiring organizations to foster a value driven culture. 


To help organizations achieve high performing teams that are created around delivering outcome over output.

  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable.

  • Communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Give and receive feedback early and often.

  • Plan ahead and work proactively.

  • Be supportive and collaborative.

  • Have fun and work hard.

  • Test, learn, and improve.


Saurabh Kapoor 

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Saurabh Kapoor in an Enterprise Coach, helping leaders to create high performing teams, as well as an accredited instructor for IC Agile courses.


He is the creator of a proven system, the "Continuous Improvement Circle" (CIC). CIC guides the creation of a culture and leadership style to inspire and motivate high performing teams that are focused on delivering value. He has led transformations at some of the leading companies in their industry such as: Rogers, Intact, TD, etc...

As a Certified Agile Coach (ICP-ACC) and Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) with Scrum Alliance, Saurabh provides training through many courses such as "The Agile Manager", "Agile for Executives"and intensive training programs on Scrum & KANBAN. His trainings reflect his growth and capability as a leader/educator, as he practices and models what he teaches, to create transformative experiences.


Louis Morisset

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Louis Morisset is an Executive Agile Coach and an accredited instructor for IC Agile courses and sits on the evaluation panel for IC-ICE expert coach examinations.


Louis' focus is to help corporations implement Agile and its philosophy by taking into account their reality. He is certified as a Scrum Master from ScrumAlliance.org, Scrum.org, and Facilitator and an Agile coach from Agile Coaching institute. His great knowledge of Agile is based on accumulated experience in the field; he began his career a developer and transitioned to a Scrum Master role.

Louis realized there was a gap between Agile implementation at the delivery team level and the expectations of management. He began to provide Agile Coaching for executives. Working with Banking, Communications and Insurance industries, Louis has helped the Agile adoption practices at the delivery team levels as well as bridging the gap to the executive levels.