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Strategic Evolution and Planned Transformations

Incremental change for sustainable success.

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We are driven by helping organizations and teams be the best they can be. We do this through introducing and living agile (i.e. people focused practices and fostering a value driven culture).

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OUR Services

Advisory & Coaching

We guide organizations on their agile journey by providing hands on support related to project/product delivery, measure "Team Maturity" in achieving high performance.

Our coaches provide day-to-day support to managers and assist teams in building core competencies in Agile practices.


We offer training services, courses and workshops focused around increasing agility in all aspect of an organization, from executive leads, management staff, delivery teams, product managers, etc...

Enterprise Agility

We partner and manage our clients need in achieving their strategic goals by injecting agility across the organization. Through the exploration of unique solutions and tactics that will promote a cultural change focused on achieving what our clients value. 


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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Saurabh assisted us with a coaching session to help us evaluate the relationship between our partners and stakeholders in order to ensure program success. Saurabh was very professional and well prepared for the meeting and made everyone feel at ease with the exercises. We all loved how he used metaphors to help everyone understand the benefits of each exercise. Because of his work he helped us figure out where we need to do more work and, the best part, helped us understand how we can all work together towards a common goal. 


We strongly recommend Saurabh to any company, big or small, if they need help with their team building and company success. Thank you, Saurabh for your support and we look forward to also be working with you in the future. 


Doina Oncel, Founder/CEO at hEr VOLUTION 

Septure has been providing support to our COE since January 2018 and they have provided me with Saurabh Kapoor one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. He understood how Agile is defined within the context of our organization and focused on uncovering area's of improvement within each team being coached to help them evolve. He has credibility and inspires trust. 


An instance of his exceptional work is when he was supporting the a 'Big Data' initiative; the project team was directed to leverage Agile methodologies. Saurabh quickly determined that transitioning a distributed team mid-project, which traditionally operated in waterfall, would have a negative impact on the team and achieving deliverables. He took it upon himself to learn our enterprise delivery framework and in just 6 months, the project team was able to adopt the Agile Framework for their FY19 work.


Coaches at Septure are highly credible and inspire trust. They are insightful, provide valuable coaching and exception consulting/training services.

Karen Chan- Director, Agile Coach at TD

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